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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  December 20, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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not a huge move. did john boehner say anything that seemed to help with the market? >> i think he did put a spark in, michelle. he has seen selling in treasuries. look at s & p. >> when they asked if he was toward go over the cliff, he said yes. >> if we get a deal, this is exciting. >> is this the popping of bond bubble, quick? >> i think it is. the beginning of it michelle. the beginning. >> interesting. that's all for "power lunch." >> "street signs" begins right now. see you tomorrow. have a great afternoon, everybody. welcome to "street signs." where hopium is flowing like spiked punch at an office party. we will unwrap for you the three big market gifts we found under the tree today.
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it has been a nice, not naughty, december for stocks. how nice? we will break down where the santa claus rally really ranks. the single worst trades of the year and why smaller is better, mandy, but only when it comes to cars. >> touche. we are marginally high but still, no fiscal deal. regardless, dow and s&p remain on track. ice is buying it for $2.2 million. global shares, calling it gl o othiam as opposed to hothiam. let's get straight down to bob on that deal in which you are standing. feels like a young tech upstart here getting hands on what, 200-year-old icon of american capitalism.
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most people are realists and recognize this is good deal for shareholders as well as companies diversified now. i've gotten questions about why it is 33.13 is the deal, why is it trading at 32. that's less than five percent december count. i don't think that is unreasonable at all. here are other exchanges. ice, this is interesting. down just fractionally here. indication of the strength of that particular deal. i want to show you charles schumer's comment. he just came out with a comment on that deal. they get his blessing, by the way, they are assuring me they are keeping the floor open. also keeping the stock exchange name and brand. they will keep the name as a subsidiary but mandy, we don't know what the official company name will be. we don't know if nyse will be in the title. if they just call it global
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exchange, i think that's a real sign that down the road they might want to spin off the cash part of this business. >> that is something to watch out for. thank you very much. >> there is certainly a big dose of holiday cheer around the u.s. and we are calling it our hope yum. we have three gifts just for you. first, stocks getting more and more love thank you. er with seeing finally rotation out of bonds. bank of america saying in a note that these are biggest outflows from bond funds in 70 weeks. the second gift, good growth number today. our economy growing at solid 3.1% pace last quarter. gdp numbers better than expected. finally, your third present. housing tp it has been hot. seeing their biggest gains since 2006, mandy. a hopeium hat trick just for
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you. >> thank you very much. >> holiday h o opium from all sides today. let's start with the dow up just 2% this month alone. even better days ahead. let's ask paul hickey. once again, paul, historically speaking the isn't a claws rally kicks off on the 21st. feels like santa has come a little early this year. >> he certainly has. so far like you said, up almost 2% on the month. historically, december issiser toically a strong month but the first half of the month is typically weaker than second half. the average return from the 21st through the end of the year is more than four times the average return for the first part of the year and we are up 80% of the time in this 21st through the end of the year. so history is on the side of the bulls here. >> over the course of the week, which we said would be santa claus rally time, we've got
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something we have to contend with called the fiscal cliff. is that going to skufr any rally? >> who knows what will happen with the fiscal cliff. but for now, investors have been willing to put that aside. and i think there's a strong consensus growing that there will be some sort of deal that may come after the first but they're not going to let it drag on too long. i think investors are buying equities which are historically cheap relative to bonds as you were saying earlier. >> according to b of a, paul, we see a retags out of bonds. if it does, that's a lot of new money going to the equity markets. >> it certainly would be a lot of money coming in, brian. the one thing that you know, you just have to keep watching, throughout this whole bull market, investors have been having a bunker mentality. any time you get the slightest hint of bad news, you see sentiment take a dive south and
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see that money go right back into bond. it is encouraging we have concerns over the fiscal cliff here and incestors don't seem to be too wordry about it. >> what do you think spurred the bonds so far? that the market turned somewhat machish? >> i think the outflow for now is that economic data this fall has been showing improvement. companies are in great position and valuations are relatively cheap. that being said, we have had this sidation for a couple of years where valuations have been cheap and that didn't spur investors to move aggressively into stocks. will happen in 2013? we think interest rates are very low here. if we can see the economy continue to this know moent men i think that merrill lynch study will be right. >> thank you. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. markets gave to us a
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stronger than expected read than the american economy. let's talk about it with somebody who has it more right than pretty much any forecaster out there. president of economic advisors. the floor, joel, is yours, with which to crow this holiday season. you are props, the only one i know calling for 3% gdp. what did you see that made you more bullish than the rest? >> all about the consumer. the fact that consumer has been holding things up. you take a look at everything. whether retail sales, whether it's motor vehicle sales. and even the biggest sales of all, housing. the consumer is out there. i think what we got caught up with in the fall is negativity over the election rather than fundamentals. hard to believe you can have an economy that is weak and not accelerating when you have
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consumer spending rising and i have seen that continually once consumers are over the short term worry once they know what will happen with the cliff. >> regardless of what it is, it is a combination of higher taxes. lower government spending, right? so could all this progress or economic recovery be nipped in the bud next year? >> i don't think so. yes, fiscal restraint being increased on the part of the federal government. maybe offset by more spending on state and local governments. but i think the critical aspect of it is businesses. in one sense you had, yee i think things will get better. and if you look at industries, the world coming to an end. we get this agreement businesses hire more. businesses invest more. make up for lost time. and that adds to income. and i think we are off to the races. >> joel, we have argued on this
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show, and maybe we are outliars, that even if we went over the fiscal cliff, it is not going it doom us. 2 to $300 a month for the average american household, i'm not discounting that, they have probably saved that. refying mortgage, lower credit card rates, lower car rate, right? >> first of all, you have to look at it, not as a cliff but a snowball going down the mountain. the snow bowl has been let go. so niesh initially you won't have major issues. what happens to confidence? if confidence crashes, you have outside impact. you say, hey, this thing is getting very bad, congress doesn't know what it is doing. i'm cutting back. then the snowball hit on consumer spending with weakness in the business side and then you have real problem because
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the fiscal strength really kills thanks. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. you too, sir. how about a housing rebound? thank you. might be the gift wrapped under your tree. joining us now with the take from chicago is matt garrison, co-founder of south street capitol. so far, matt, this housing recovery has come in fix and start. i'm starting to feel this is for real. >> it is a good news bad news story, i think. i will quote de will quote dickens. that will drive prices up, that is going to make homes go under contract more rapidly than we have seen in the past. i think the bottom is in our rearview mirror at this point.
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there are several bullish factors. i don't think you will see rocket fuel or housing ripping up or anything. because of some of the potentially negative or uncertain factors. >> matt, i don't know what it is like there but around here we see houses an apartments in new york go for more than asking. we have heard the same about miami. and some of the other hard-hit markets as well. does that worry you? >> it doesn't worry me. i think it is a good sign. over the past 24 months or so, the only people sold are people who have had to sell. prices are down 30 or 40%. you're not selling homes at those levels unless you have to. quality inventory is way down. rate are good. economy is getting better. people want to buy. you will see multiple offer situations. you will see prices go up. >> i sound like a broken record here. we talk about the fact that mortgage rates, yes, are at historical lowers and so many
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people feel it is difficult to qualify. some have slightly higher mortgage rate and make it easier to get a loan. i think the mortgage rate and i'm not sure that the case. higher rates definitely affect. consumer balance sheets are stronger. in terms of getting a conventional loan on single family home, it is a very difficult process right now. i just went through it myself. we buy office buildings in chicago and it is easier to get a loan on 200,000 office building than residence. >> because have you cash flow from an office building. >> that's true. i would like to think i have cash flow on any personal residence too. but a lot of it is unconventional things. >> matt, thank you. merry christmas, happy new year,
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whatever you celebrate. >> merry christmas guys. >> thank you very much. >> so three different holiday gift for you. but there's one thing that could stop the unwrapping. not the cliff, the fiscal grinch. according to our deal meter, we are only a quarter of the way there. the house expected to vote on boehner's plan. that puts the pressure back on the president. let's get to john harwood in washington. all right. john, if the house passes plan b tonight, what's next? >> i think next both chambers of congress go home for the weekend and leave the leadership to work with the white house on the potential for a solution that might pass. you know, we had dualing press conference this morning, brian. one was harry reid, democratic leader in the senate saying, once the house passes plan b the senate will do nothing about it.
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>> we are not taking up anything they are doing now. it is time for republican foes get serious. it is very, very unfortunate the republicans wasted an entire week on a number of pointless political stunt. and that'hat they've done. >> what we've got is a situation where there is still potential, still time for a deal next week when members of congress come back. but for the moment, brian, mostly no hopium around here. >> plan b. a nonstarter. thank you, john howard. >> up next on "street signs," we will dive back into the heherba. we have an analyst comesing on who says buy herbalife. we are taking everything from fiscal cliff to the markets to what will he do in his retirement.
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ackman believes sales numbers are inflated and that's because if the truth came out herbalife would meet the classic definition of a pyramid scheme. >> we are simply trying to create transparency around the company which is something they have done their best to muddle so the market can decide what the rice price is for this company. this company's goal is to keep things hidden as opposed to transparent. >> herbalife vehemently denies the accusations saying if the company would have been permitted to aten the conference this morning, which herbalife says ackman defined, it could have torn the argument apart.
2:19 pm
still the company is dragged down by negative talk as much as 11% this afternoon, making for a two-day decline so far of 22% and counting. ackman who put his position on about seven months ago and says his stake in enormous. declining to say how large the position is, he claims not an options play at all but indicated to our andrew, soin that he expects herbalife to go to zero and he is not going to day trade the thing. he is waiting until that happens. >> thank you very much. stick around. stick around. we bring in tim ramy. senior research analyst who has a buy on herbalife and goes to the phone. our very own herb greenburg who owned this story on herbalife from the start, by the way. tim, let me get to you. you've got a buy. are you not concerned at all by the accusations? >> well, where do i go to get those three and a half hours of my life back? no, one central thesis of it
2:20 pm
basically says herbalife is a pyramid scheme and get there by overrides in a way that doesn't -- it is not true. royalties and everrides are generated as a percentage of commissions of real sales. >> what is missing? no doubt ackman is a smart guy. what are they missing? >> well, i don't think they are missing really anything. >> what are they misunderstanding then? >> hang on. this time, this time you're not going to talk over me, okay? >> i'm brian. herb will talk over you later, probably. >> okay. sorry. >> no worries. >> the thing that we have been waiting for is something of substance. you know, now we've got it. now the answers can come and i think that's going to be healthy. that's great. mr. ackman made a -- >> there's was substance in the
2:21 pm
presentation, was there not? raising questions about the distributor network and the fees from royalties there. how it outweighs fees from retail sales. we did channel checking on ebay and to see if they were sold at a deep discount. herb, i can hear you clearing your throat. >> yeah. >> do you agree these are important questions to address? >> mandy, can i answer that first? >> just a secretary, guys. time-out for a second. time-out for a second. there was a question from kate. herb, you go first and tim will get to you. herb? >> what i want to say simply and i only have a few seconds and that's what is remarkable here is how complicated this all is. even when, you know, when the analyst did a report, talking about how opaque the model is, why is it so opaque? why did it take three hours to explain this? in the end i believe it is up to regulators to determine whether these companies are in violation after law. so far they haven't done that. until they do that, it is he
2:22 pm
said/she said. >> tim? >> yeah, i would agree with what herb said, believe it or not. but you know, you reference the ebay stuff. i thought that was a joke. they said 40,000 units tracked over five-year period at $25 average list price. that's over a million dollars. is that what you are basing it on? >> i didn't think the key issue was total but what herbalife would claim what the price would be. >> it is a million dollars over five years. >> herb, to the point brian was making about what are we missing here, it appears to me or feels like, no one from the inside is complaining, right? what are the distributors saying? >> i think what we have done our research on and look around and talked to various distributors who left the organization, lost
2:23 pm
money, they tell us they are simply too embarrassed. they blame themselves for not succeeding. that's a big part of what we found all the way along. >> tim, is part of the proof in the pudding of 32 years? the fact that these are companies, not just herbalife but new skin shares today. people questioning the model. but these models existed for a long time through a lot of criticism. is that even almost the best argument for these companies that they've survived so many of these storms every couple of years? >> i think that's a good point. the other thing totally missing from the analysis today is the idea that herbalife is effectively a service. a club. a place where people go to gain support for their weight loss and health goals. and you know, if you want it lose weight -- >> oh, come on. come on. one of the important parts of their model is it is a business based on recruiting upon
2:24 pm
recruiting upon recruiting. that's a big business. the model in essence is a recruitment business, isn't it? >> says the new york sports camp. >> can i answer your question? can i answer your question? i think it is about -- it t is about unit volume sales. i think units were up what, 24% last year. the problem with mr. ackman's assertion is this stuff is being consumed. it is being eaten. that kind of makes it impossible to collapse. because everyday i eat more stuff. >> herb, real quick, before the show, brian was looking at nu skin and other multilevel marketer, do you think we will see more scrutiny on other kinds of companies like this. >> absolutely. there are a range of companies in multilevel marketing industry. but there is controversy over a
2:25 pm
number, nu sauna and nu skin. so yes, you have to look at all of them and each one by itself and raise questions about the business model and let's see what happens. >> good discussion. herb, we will let you go. but shares just got halted. so keep your eye on that on your day off. i know you like to work. thank you. >> tim, thank you. tough questions. did you great. appreciate you coming on. kate kelly, thank you. >> mandy, thank you. >> thank you. >> and thank you for watch everybody. but we're not done yet. show gez on. just ahead in fact, ranking worst trades of the year. and here is a hint, shining armor could not save this stock in 2012. >> is it finally time for investors to really, really like facebook again? a stock making a quiet come back. we're coming back right after the break. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national
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to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. when it comes to ipos, the middle market has indeed been mighty. looks like we will close out the year with about 129 ipos. two thirds of them are middle market companies. get this, the three best performing ipos of 2012 all from the middle margaret. here they are. number one is vip shop. the chinese on-line discounter
2:29 pm
selling brands like nike and calvin klein. also guide wire, an insurance software developer, number two. and proto labs, manufacturer custom machine parts. with the good comes the bad. let's look at worst performers of the middle market ipo list. we have envivio, cafe press and enphase energy. >> we love lists, so as we countdown to years end we are counting down the best and worst trades of the year. fast money halftime report's own scott is here with with a list that left investors in pain. >> night capitol. until the morning of august 1, knight capital was one of the money make perpsers /* /-.
2:30 pm
>> knight software problem seen driving erroneous stock trades. >> then in nearly the blink of an eye, the training clench put a company out of business and sent the stock plunging 65%. knight losing $440 million, more than the revenue in the second quarter. and it would take a live line from a group of businesses to save the firm and its ceo, tom joyce. shareholders heavily deluded. knight was taken out by get go for a third of the value it started the year at. guys, one of the stories we will certainly remember from 2012 and those trades that went bad in more ways than one, i guess could you say, right? >> you got any more clues for us, scott? like tease ahead to the bestest trades. >> let's just say, it is one that you have already teased in the show. a certain technology can company. i'll leave it that and we will
2:31 pm
talk about that on the cloizicl when maria and i are here. >> i think i know. >> i just gave it away. >> you just gave it away. >> is it the commodore 64? are we a tandy can corp? >> what show are we on? why are we here? cheers and consultants, drawing today's market. >> next, representative barney frank will be here. he says we need more criminal prosecution of financial misdeeds. in fact he wrote a letter to eric holder. he is your guest. by the way, everybody on a flight from newark to cleveland watching, have a great flight. thanks for tweeting the picture after cocktail. charge it to her. back right after there. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great.
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get this. the rigging scandal could cost fannie mae and freddie mac up to $3 billion. that a report citing fhfa internal memo.
2:35 pm
that's a perfect segue to our next conversation. this looks like another example of perhaps privatizing profits and socializing losses. taxpayers like you likely to be on the hook for the fanny and freddy loss. right now most charged civilly for money, don't face jail time. congressman wrote a letter to eric holder asking him to consult with the justice department aiming to prosecute. congre congressm congressman frank, welcome. why make this move? >> for some reason they are afraid to bring criminal charges against institutions that clearly violated the law in ways that hurt the public because they were afraid this could be destabilizing and it was true, when they put one of the big accounting firms out of business who lost competition. i don't know why.
2:36 pm
i finally put it in writing. why they don't prosecute the individuals. corporations cannot act without individuals. if a financial institution large fnt institution did in fact violate the law in a criminal way, that meant some individuals did it p. in fact, not only does it have the advantage of not putting the whole institution out of business and losing competition, and shareholders, criminal prosecution against individuals are much more effective as deterrents. when the corporation is found guilty, that doesn't necessarily deter the individuals. so i do not understand why we are not prosecuting individuals and that's what i'm urging them to do. >> what do you think is the response from the justice department? fz i don't know. i hope they will say that yes, they are moving that way. i did notice that in the interim between deciding to write the letter and in the ubs case they did a criminal indictment and got a guilty plea from one of the subsidiaries.
2:37 pm
even when you can get a criminal case against the institution, from the standpoint of deterrent, going after the individuals is much better. it has been done some times in the past. in the enron case top officials were criminally prosecuted. i hope they will say yeah, you're right. >> can congressman, supreme court does have decisions out there that confer rights to corporations. to your point it makes it difficult sometimes to go after people you can kind of hide behind the corporate structure. so where is the right wiggle room and what is the ability of even the justice department given some of the court's decisions, do you believe? >> that's a very good point. and the supreme court said that corporations have some of these rights. but the granting of the rights to the corporations does not immunize the individual. actually both are guilty. corporations committed the crime but individuals have committed the crime.
2:38 pm
corporations can't act without individuals that they are doing it. so that's supreme court decision is not an obstacle for prosecution. i'm skeptical in unlimit campaign financing but the fact that there were several guilty entities doesn't mean you can't prosecute the ones that actually did the job. >> congressman, if i could switch gears for a moment, please, sir, vote tonight. plan b, boehner, fiscal cliff, where is that going not in the house? >> pretty overwhelming democratic opposition to raising the rates only on people making above a million dollars a year. remember, we're not talking about people who have a million dollars, we're talking about annual incomes of a million or more. i think it could be a lower amount and have no negative effect on the economy. and it depends a struggle within the republican party as to where that is. but i think it is a highly
2:39 pm
inadequate way to deal with the crisis we're facing. >> do you think they will get a deal done in time? >> it does not look like it. i thought so earlier when the president and speaker boehner were negotiating but the speaker broke off negotiations. i think what speaker is basically telling us is this is as far as he can go with his caucus. now that's a pull back from i think where he was with the president. he was talking about 800 billion or more in revenue. this raises 300 billion over ten-year period. and so, i don't know. on the other hand, it may be that speaker boehner had to say, look, i will try this. but if it didn't work, we have to do something. i don't think anybody can be sure. >> congressman, you are from one of the states that is high income and also high cost, right? we know that homes from around the boston area can be very, very expensive and i guarantee there are a number of constituents.
2:40 pm
as hard as it can believe in iowa, as far as 250 grand a year, where it doesn't feel rich. what do you consider to be rich? >> well, there were two separate questions. i don't think you're taxing people who are rich. yes, i think 250,000 doesn't go as far in massachusetts as it does in iowa but i represent a large number of people who make $250,000 or more and i'm pleased to tell you that great majority of them are willing to contribute. we are talking about a small amount of money in increased taxation. less than 4% of the marginal increase. out of thousand dollars, you're talking about $40. i don't think if someone makes another 50 or 60,000 and the tax goes up by a couple of thousand that it will have an impact on them. so i thought 250 was a good level. if you go back to clinton years, it is 150. we've had inflation since then. and no negative effect on the ecan con my.
2:41 pm
we wish we didn't have the large deficit that we have, with the wars et cetera, and i think the way to get it is to do things that people might find a little uncomfortable. but i that i $50,000 level for taxes will have no negative impact either on the lifestyle of the people being taxed or on the economy. >> it has been wonderful to have you on the show. best of luck in whatever you end up doing. i hope it is a good time for you, sir. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> facebook, why now it might be time to refriend the social media king. >> and amazon starting a turf war with netflix. battle royale coming up next. ♪
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how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. coming up on the closing bell. tax cuts for anybody making less than a million dollars. we hear whether it has any chance of passing the senate. plus instant analysis from research in motion and nike. what is up aig's sleeve now that the government sold its stake in the insurance giant? ben is here exclusive by but first, more "street signs." >> never can have a enough. five big stock stories.
2:45 pm
you do need to know about. what do we have first up? carmax? >> yes. earnings better than expected. 15%. sales continuing to rise. people bying new and used cars. new growth at carmax and car sales rising 16%. all-time high after being spun off from circuit city. good piece of trivia. >> we love the trivia. winnebago. >> really big cars. hopium here. higher prices for what winnebago yo is selling. gross margins, also up nearly 11%. >> the stock, look at that, one year. 125%. in the meantime, herman miller. i guess people are buying cars but not office chairs. >> this is a job story stock. these things back here, probably might have been herman miller, who knows. second quarter profit shrank more than expected. demand for office furniture
2:46 pm
sluggish in america. despite the fact i keep destroying mine. i guess that's not enough to help replacement. ceo did say, we could, seeing progress. slowly getting bet are. >> good word. good news, bad news for the market, latching on to the bad. >> stocks down below 2.5%. fair conclusion. eps above estimates. sales last quarter did fall short. revenue projection also disappointing. consultants are pricey. >> yeah. >> expensive. you lock them in. people say, we will do it ourselves. >> maybe not. >> we will end on good news, right? jabil circuit, 8%. i'll take that any day. >> the opposite. revenue above estimates last quarter but waerk guidance this quarter yet the stock was up. they were expecting this news and thinking it could be worse. so getting the worst part of that trade. kind of the exact same story but shows you expectations are
2:47 pm
everything. >> all about expectations. >> don't look now but facebook is making a come back. even with the recent debacle over instagram's new private rules. facebook is up -- >> my draft pick as well. i'm not going to weigh in. >> because you are still under the ipo price. let us bring in, cantor fitzgerald, upping this price to 33. what do you like about facebook and why is it coming back? >> first of all, it is coming back because it went down too much. remember, this was $38 stock ipo that should have never been there. but dropped to 18. and at $18 considering the opportunities ahead of it, considering the growth rate expectations and eventually margin expansion. really a no-brainer. so the stock has had a nice run yesterday, as you said, we took our price target from 28 which
2:48 pm
is the stock had closed at a couple days prior. and the reason was three things. one, was the fact that we think intraquarter october/november were really, really good monthes. particularly for mobile engagement. we are seeing accelerating growth, which, as you recall, the area everyone was beating them over the head on. >> right. >> second, montization is improving. we noticed a dramatic increase in both the frequency and volume of advertisers on the site, which tells you that mobile revenues this quarter are going to be very good when you think if they are going to be somewhere between 350 to 450 million. that almost a 50% increase. lastly valuation, trading 15 times cash flow or eight times revenues. we think it is worth more. >> okay. clearly you don't think instagram kerfuffle will move
2:49 pm
the needle either. >> thank you for joining us. amazon is making a bold move today and it is really ramping up the pressure on netflix. let's bring in julia boorstin. what is going on here? >> netflix, hulu and even cable television and special shows with a special twist, consumers will have a say in which pilots it'll produce. amazon is producing six comedy pilots selected from 2,000 ideas submitted to amazon studios. most of which have tv industry veterans involved. amazon the post the shows for everyone to watch inviting feedback. crowd sourcing the green light process. the completed series will be available exclusively to subscribers to amazon's $79 amazon prime service. now, amazon prime is trying to add subscribers as its competition with hulu and
2:50 pm
conflict both which are some original shows. netflix secured access to disney content blurring the line between what is television and what is digital distribution. amazon's ability to draw tole hollywood talent, including daily writers and big bang, they overhaul the way media conglomerates think about television. >> thank you. as long as they use content, i'm happy. >> competition tore them, and for the consumer. >> next on "street signs," why big it comes to cars. >> think only when it comes to cars. >> exactly. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you?
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you know, you think the more you pay for a car, the safer it's going to be, right? well, actually, no. that's not necessary lit case. i've always said good things come in small packages, right, brian, and apparently with cars that is true. phil lebeau digging in on some new data. what have you found, phil? >> reporter: and less expensive packages. what we're talk begun is the latest crash tests for highway safety, and these crash tests are measuring what they call the
2:54 pm
small overlap crash. essentially imagine a crash in the front quarter panel either on the driver's side or passenger's side. they have tested both moderate-priced mid-sized carses a well, 13 moderate sized were rated as good or acceptable and three luxury mid-sized cars had the same rating of good or acceptable. the small overlap crash test results, those cars, only four rated as good, meaning the top rating, honda accord, the suzuki kazashi which ironically will not be sold here in the u.s. in the new future and the luxury model volvo s60 and the acura tl. the head of the sstl says it's not always better to pay more. >> what we find good about this is that the public doesn't have to spend a lot of money to get state of the art crash protection. >> reporter: and in terms of the results, this is interesting. toyota had four models that rated poor. on the moderate price side,
2:55 pm
camera and prius v, they rated poor and the is and es rated poor and, yet, take a look at this chart. toyota shares up 42%. it is now trading at a new 52-week high. it's been a long time since we've seen toyota chairs over $90. guys? >> yeah, not bad, and a good case for smaller cars. phil lebeau, thank you viv. appreciate, it bud. take a look at. this one of our viewers appreciate. this was flying or is flying from newark to cleveland, and he said you guys are keeping me company and a few others on the plane from newark to cleveland on a united flight. hey, we appreciate it, and if you're watching this, watch yourself watch us watching you watching yourself. by the way, giant storm in the midwest. land safely. more on that later in the day. >> absolutely. >> coming up, today's thing that makes you go hmm. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. well, hopium keeps on going and now it going growing. in the netherlands, france, hong kong, poland, and, yes, even the far out british outpost of australia, the colony still hitting its highest level since last year. >> germany, the highest level since january 2008. as we mentioned, the hang seng, highest low since 2011 and south africa's index, by the way, seems day after day after day hitting the highest level ever. anyway, in today's thing that makes you go hmm.
2:59 pm
$7.4 million in gold coins. that is exactly how much a substitute teacher in the san francisco bay area inherited from her 69-year-old cousin. the new found millionaire was pleasantly surprised, as you can imagine. might be an understatement with the news, but has kept quiet from the media and moved to an undisclosed location. >> the story where the guy had like $200 in his bank account i think. >> he died. >> but he had millions in gold coins in the home but no direct heirs. they had to work hard to find arlene, and they come knocking on your door, hello, yeah, i am. here's $7.4 million. there's an important lesson here i think for all of us to know which is tonight, and it's a good time in the holiday season, pick up the phone and call every relative you now, second cousin, third cousins, step cousins, half cousins, tell them you love them, remind them who they are and they should think of you. >> and go check under their couche


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